All Aboard The Bradford Train


The book now arriving is the first title from this Yorkshire born author. Britain’s railways have helped fuel his passion for following the fluctuating fortunes of Bradford City. Despite the ups and downs he continues to ride the Bradford train in a quest to arrive at a more splendid time and destination.

This is a book about a desire to go in search of a kind magic that can all too easily evaporate with the hot rising steam of a passing locomotive. You are invited to buy a ticket, fire up your imagination, dash for the connection and climb on board for a journey of discovery.

From the very first moment the train pulls away from the platform edge the narrative careers through every unpredictable twist, every curve of the track and every sway of the railway carriage as we enjoy the thrills and spills of the football fanatic.

Relive the action and adventure. Experience the passion and pride, the history and mystery, the wonder and drama, the joy and the pain as the train races through the unfurling events of the football season. Hear the beat of the drum and the shrill blast of the whistle, listen to the roar of the crowd and feel the constant rhythm of the locomotive. Taste the excitement and see the magic blend with the romance of railways and the FA Cup.

It’ll make you laugh, it’ll make you cry, it’ll make you whimsical and it’ll make you sigh. It’ll make you scream and it’ll make you dream but best of all it’ll make you’ll realise that it’s all worthwhile.

This brief encounter with tales from a fever pitch delivers a mixture of motion and emotion. Told through a fan’s eye view in an engaging and light hearted manner, enriched by a wide range of quotes and illustrations, it will resonate with football fans of all persuasions. It is the perfect companion for any follower of the beautiful game as they go in search of dreams along the hard railway miles in the hope that it will be the best trip they’ve ever been on.

Enjoy the ride!

All Aboard The Bradford Train (ISBN 9781781326961) is available in softback from Amazon, direct from the author or from Silverwood Books priced at £15.99.

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